The 2 Best Farms in Bovingdon

  • 1 - 24%
    Kenwood Farm Nurseries - Bovingdon

    Kenwood Farm, Flaunden Lane, Bovingdon. Bovingdon. HP3 0RL Show phone number

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  • 2 - 24%
    Rose Farm Accommodation - Bovingdon

    Rose Farm,Water Lane, Bovingdon ,. Bovingdon. HP3 0NA Show phone number

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  • cows in a farmlandWould you like to get quality products from the best farms in Bovingdon?

    It is nice to know where the food we eat comes from and see how farmers work. Also it is important to get to know farming methods and the quality of the production before buying their food. If you want to find the best local farms in Bovingdon, you are in the right place.

    Different types of farms in Bovingdon

    • Subsistence farm: it is also known as family farm, where the production is only enough for the family running the farm.
    • Comercial farm: it is a family farm but they obtain some benefits by selling products.
    • Crops farm: grain, vegetabes or fruit are grown in these farms.
    • Dairy farm: they can be cow farms or sheep farms for example. They are focused on raising these animals to obtain milk for dairy products.
    • Poultry farm: this livestock farm raise birds for either meat consumption or eggs.
    • Meat farm: they are different types depending of the animal that is raised for meat production, for example pig farms.

    What are good farming practices

    The farm must follow some rules in order to guarantee safe food. Some of the goals tha these Good Farming Practices try to achive are:

    • Reduce food safety risks during harvest
    • Reduce food safety risks in the packhouse
    • Reducing risks from animals and manure
    • Safe uses of agricultural water
    • Employee health and hygiene

    farming methods in Bovingdon

    There are many farming methods beyond traditional farming, but there is one that stand out of the crowd: organic farming. Following this method, only natural products are used and there is no chemical used in the whole process. Among the organic farming benefits we can point out:

    • Better nutrition
    • Poison free
    • Better taste
    • Longers time of storage

    Where to find the best nearby farms in Bovingdon

    If you want to count with the best fresh quality products for your healthy diet, you must know where to get them from. Infoisinfo wants to ease your search and provides you with a list o the best farms in Bovingdon, phone numbers, adress and reviews.